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Lash adhesive

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This lash adhesive comes in black color, it's very easy to apply and gives a good hold. Our Adhesive is light weight and gives a clean finish. 

✨non toxic 

✨gives a clean finish

✨light weight 

✨easy to apply 

✨dries fast 

✨last 24 hrs

✨ no allergies/ irritation 

✨latex free

How  to use:
Apply a fine layer to the band of your falsies/lashes,  wait 30 seconds so it dries abit and gets a little tacky. Place the band of your falsies/ lashes directly over your upper lash line base. Use your pinset to secure by pressing the lashes together over your natural lashes. You're good to go.




Dqueens is a beauty brand established for people of all ethnicities. Our brand name was created out of love for beauty products and how it enhances the way a person's look. We look forward to creating more products of interest for our customers worldwide. 
We are a local brand based in Norway. 

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